Can You Still Post Jobs On Facebook?

When you’re looking to hire, you might not think of Facebook right away. Yet, it’s a place where you can get the word out about open jobs to a lot of people, and fast!

I’m going to walk you through how posting jobs on Facebook can be super helpful for your business. We will also look into the steps to create a job post, the perks of using Facebook, and how to handle the responses you get.

Plus, I’ll touch on some key legal things to keep in mind to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you want to hire great people for your team, knowing how to use Facebook effectively can really give you a hand. Let’s dive in and explore how to make the most out of job postings on Facebook!

Key Takeaways

  • Posting jobs on Facebook can expand the reach to potential candidates and is easy to do directly from your company’s page.
  • You can target your job ads to reach a specific group of people based on location, interests, and more.
  • Managing applications is streamlined with Facebook, allowing you to review and respond to candidates directly on the platform.
  • It’s important to be aware of recruitment and non-discrimination laws when crafting your job posts.
  • Engaging with applicants and showcasing your company’s culture on your Facebook page can greatly improve your chances of successful recruitment.

How to Post a Job on Facebook

Posting a job on Facebook is really quite simple. I start by going to my company’s Facebook Page, and I look for the ‘Jobs’ option on the menu, or I click on ‘Create’ and select ‘Job Post’.

The site then guides me to fill out the job details like the position title, location, salary, and job type, which could be full-time, part-time, or something else.

I take my time to write a description that clearly tells what the job involves and what kind of person I’m looking for. It’s important to include key responsibilities and the skills or experience needed.

Adding a nice picture related to the job or my company can help the post stand out. When I’m done, I just hit ‘Publish’, and just like that, my job post is live on Facebook for potential candidates to see.

Benefits of Using Facebook for Job Postings

One of the biggest reasons I like using Facebook for job postings is how many people I can reach. Facebook has billions of users, so when I put up a job post, it has the potential to be seen by a lot of people, even without spending any money.

But if I do decide to put some cash behind it, I can use Facebook’s ad system to target my job post to reach exactly the kind of people who would be great for the job.

I can narrow things down by age, interests, location, and more, so my job ad pops up for those who might be looking for a job like mine.

Another big plus is that posting jobs can be much more budget-friendly compared to traditional job boards or hiring agencies. This way, I can save money and still find amazing candidates.

Keeping Track of Applications

Once my job post is out in the world, Facebook makes it pretty straightforward for me to keep an eye on who’s applied. All the applications come directly to my Facebook Page’s inbox, which is really handy.

It keeps everything in one place. I can go through the list, check out each person’s qualifications, and decide who could be a good fit for the job.

What’s cool is that I can also talk to applicants right there on Facebook. This makes it super quick to ask any extra questions or set up interviews.

Plus, because it all happens through Facebook, many people find it more comfortable and less formal than emails. This can help me get a better feel for the applicants and can make the whole process feel more friendly and personal.

Legal Considerations When Posting Jobs

When I make a job post on Facebook, it’s not just about getting the word out; it’s also super important to make sure I’m doing things by the book. This means being really careful not to break any employment laws.

For example, my job posts have to be fair to everybody and can’t discriminate based on things like race, gender, religion, or age.

I always make sure my job descriptions focus on the skills and experience that are truly needed for the job and leave out anything that could seem like I’m unfairly picking or choosing candidates.

Sometimes laws about hiring can change or be different depending on where I live, so I keep up-to-date to make sure I’m following all the rules.

Staying on top of these legal details helps protect my company and ensures that everyone gets a fair shot at the job.

Best Practices for Successful Recruitment on Facebook

To really make the most out of Facebook for hiring, I put in a little extra effort to connect with potential candidates. I make sure my company’s Facebook Page shows off what it’s like to work with us.

Sharing photos or stories about our team and the work we do can get people excited about joining in.

It’s also key to engage with folks who show interest in the job. I might like or reply to their comments and messages to make them feel seen and appreciated. This kind of back-and-forth can help build a connection even before the actual interview.

Another tip I’ve learned is to follow up with people who apply. A simple message thanking them for their interest or updating them on the hiring process can go a long way.

It keeps candidates in the loop and shows that my company values them. This can really help me stand out as an employer and attract the best people.


In conclusion, Facebook can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to hire. With just a few clicks, you can share your job opening with tons of people and manage the whole process right from your company’s page.

It’s cost-effective, and with the ability to target your posts, you can find the right candidates no matter where they are. Just be sure to write clear job descriptions, keep an eye on applications, and stay aware of the legal side of posting jobs.

And don’t forget, building a connection with potential candidates is key. Show off your company’s personality and stay engaged – it’ll make a big difference.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I definitely recommend giving Facebook job postings a shot the next time you’re looking to grow your team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Posting Jobs on Facebook

1. Can anyone post a job on Facebook?
Yes, pretty much any business with a Facebook Page can post a job. It’s as easy as filling out your job details and hitting publish. You don’t need to be a big company or spend a lot of money to get started.

2. Is it free to post jobs on Facebook?
You can post jobs on Facebook for free, and your posts can still reach people through your page followers and organic shares. If you want to reach more people, you can pay to promote your job post.

3. Do job postings on Facebook expire?
Yes, job postings on Facebook automatically expire after a certain amount of time, usually about a month. If the job is filled or you want to close the application process sooner, you can also manually close the job post.

4. How do you manage job applications on Facebook?
Managing applications is done directly from your Facebook Page’s inbox. You can review applicants’ information, respond to their inquiries, and even set up interviews right there on the platform.

5. Can I customize who sees my job post on Facebook?
Absolutely, Facebook’s targeting options let you choose who sees your job ad by factors like location, age, interests, and more. This helps you get your job post in front of the right potential candidates.


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